The Bar Strength and Fitness

5436 Dogwood Drive 

Milton, FL 32570

(850) 564-1036​

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 7am-3pm

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About Us

Here at The Bar we have one goal in mind, to help you train to become the best version of you.

We offer individualized and personal training geared to help you better yourself in areas such as powerlifting, weightlifting, physique, or overall health and fitness. There are many different trainers in our gym that can help you reach the goals you have set in mind, even if you may not know where to start.

We are recognized by many big name companies as one of the strongest gym's in Northwest Florida:

A Message from the owner

"When a person first walks into the gym, I want them to understand that everyone in the gym has started from scratch, and gotten stronger over many years of training. I want to change the mindset of people coming in and instead being afraid of the weight when they first start, to saying 'I will get stronger no matter how long it takes'.

There have been rumors that The Bar takes in the misfits that get kicked out of all the 'normal gyms' in the area. I want everyone to understand that we aren't misfits, but rather a small group of people that are extremely passionate about lifting. It is our solace and place to go when everywhere else won't let us project our passion.

We are by no means a "fancy gym", but The Bar is special where it holds everyone accountable, meaning nobody can make you pick up the weight but you. We educate and encourage each other like a family, and we want others to enjoy this pastime just as much. So if you want to become excited about training, please stop by and see for yourself who we are, and what we have to offer."

~ Bryan May

what the bar offers

As a fully functioning gym, we offer many different types of training, all designed specifically for you.

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